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The concept

Olfactomics is a Finnish company that develops novel technology for surgical tissue assessment.

We focus on improving surgical management of breast cancer where identification of cancerous tissue during surgery is paramount. By enabling realtime tissue analysis allow the surgeon to make informed decisions and remove the whole tumor in one operation while sparing as much healthy tissue as possible.

Our goal is to save 100 000 women from unnecessary reoperations and one billion dollars in healthcare costs.

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The technology

The heart of Olfactomics' technology is a differential ion mobility spectrometry (DMS) sensor. In contrast to traditional mass spectrometry, DMS does not require vacuum and is significantly more robust and economical to operate.

The system consists of sample preparation, sensor and data analytics. The principle is very similar to the way we humans use our olfaction to our advantage:

eNose principle
  • Volatile compounds are introduced into an apparatus that optimizes the temperature, moisture and consentration of the sample.
  • The compounds interact with the olfactory cells or an artificial sensor, creating electric signals.
  • Electric signals are relayed to brains or a computer that filter and analyze the signals.
  • Signals are associated with previous knowledge. A conclusion is made.

The foundation of our company is science. In references you will find selected publications from our team. Several papers on the Olfactomics' technology are currently under review.

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The Team

Our team is characterized by a close connection between the clinic, the university, engineering and business professionals.

The practising surgeons of our team constantly spar ideas with our engineering team, resulting in agile, clinically oriented development.

We work closely with medical device manufacturers, sensor companies and the software industry to create maximum accuracy, reliability and value.


Olfactomics joins prestigious Medtech accelerator


Olfactomics is honored to join Medtech Innovator, a prestigious medical device startup accelerator founded by medtech giants and venture capitalists.

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Olfactomics acguires SME2 grant from European Union Horizon 2020 program


Olfactomics continues strong performance in European Union's Horizon 2020 program, acguiring SME2 grant to continue the development of novel tool for surgical margin assessment.

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Olfactomics acguires SME1 grant from European Union Horizon 2020 program


Olfactomics received a grant from European Union's SME Horizon 2020 program. Only 3% of the applicants are funded.

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An article on Olfactomics technology in discrimination of animal tissues was just published


A research paper by Anton Kontunen describing differential mobility spectrometry was published on highly regarded Annals of Biomedical Engineering!

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Niku Oksala tells about Olfactomics technology on Helsingin sanomat


Olfactomics co-founder Niku Oksala was interviewed by Helsingin sanomat on his life as a surgeon, academic, inventor and entrepeneur. Olfactomics tissue detection technology plays a major role.

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Olfactomics results presented at The Operative days of the Finnish Society of Surgery


An oral presentation on the results acquired with Olfactomics technology in breast cancer were presented at The Operative days of the Finnish Society of Surgery.

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Olfactomics joins the SPARK Finland


Olfactomics is now part of Stanford-bred medtech incubator.

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Electronic nose `smells` cancer


MSc Anton Kontunen explains how surgical smoke can tell whether the tissue is cancerous or not.

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Sniffing out Prostate Cancer from Dogs to the eNose


"It is always humbling to see how much you can miss in trying to keep up with medicine's developments, even in an incredibly narrow area like prostate cancer."

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Scientific results are the basis of our operation.

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Future Oncol. 2012 Sep;8(9):1157-65. doi: 10.2217/fon.12.93.

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We work closely with the academic and industrial sectors.

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